At Omak Meats we pride ourselves on delivering top-quality beef products, with no nasty extras thrown in – just the finest New Zealand, grass-fed beef. When you buy beef from Omak Meats, you buy quality beef.

Beef Rump Steak Pack

$20 Beef Rump Steak Pack

New Zealand grass-fed prime steer aged beef rump steak. Usually 4 pieces, sliced a little thinner than usual. Great for the BBQ. Also ideal thinly sliced for stir fry.

$20.00 inc GST
Beef Sirloin Steak Pack

$25 Beef Sirloin Steak Pack

New Zealand grass-fed prime steer aged beef sirloin steak. Usually 4 pieces, sliced slightly thinner than usual. Great for the BBQ or fast fry.

$25.00 inc GST
Beef Cheeks

Beef Cheeks

An amazing cut for slow-cooking. Cook these delicious beef cheeks whole or as any slow-cooked beef dish, such as curry, stroganoff, casseroles, soups and stews. Try them and you will be back for more!

$23.99$71.97 inc GST
Beef Marrow Bones

Beef Marrow Bones

Beef marrow bones, perfect for bone broth to boost your immune system, or as a delicious treat slow-roasted.

$8.99 inc GST
Blended Burger Patties

Blended Burger Patties

Succulent top sirloin beef blended with plant based mince. A delicious burger patty, and your kids wont even know they are eating vegetables. Best cooked to medium rare, as you would a steak.

$9.72$19.44 inc GST
Beef Brisket

Boneless Beef Brisket

Try a slow-cooked boneless beef brisket in the oven or over the coals, with your choice of rub. A pitmaster's delight!

$43.98$87.96 inc GST
Diced Beef

Diced Beef

Ready-prepared for your favourite dish. These beef cuts are ideal for slower cooking, diced for your convenience. Great for stews and casseroles.

$6.00$71.97 inc GST
Omak Beef Wellington

Omak Beef Wellington

Beef Wellington is a quick & easy gourmet treat! Made on-site from slices of tender beef eye-fillet steak, marinated in Omak's famous marinade with a slice of tasty cheese and wrapped in delicious puff pastry. Bake until crisp and golden.

$9.99 inc GST
Topside Casserole

Beef Topside (Sliced)

Great in a casserole or diced for a hearty beef stew.

$12.00$23.99 inc GST
Beef Stew

Beef Blade Steak

Beef blade steak is great for a stew or casserole. Add onions, garlic, herbs, vegetables and seasonings of your choice to make a warming winter meal.

$12.00$23.99 inc GST