At Omak Meats we’re well known for our excellent range of smallgoods. There’s something for everyone across our delicious selection of hams and bacon. We also produce a great range of tasty smoked sausage and salami.

Bacon Bones

Bacon Bones

Omak's meaty bacon bones, perfect for a hearty winter-warming bacon bone soup or a tasty bacon bone boil-up. Or, simply cook, remove the meat and scatter on your pizza, in your mac & cheese or make a tasty, rustic bacon and egg pie. You'll wonder why you have never tried this before.

$10.00 inc GST
Breakfast Cheese Kransky

Breakfast Cheese Kransky

Our delicious Cheese Kransky in breakfast sausage size - a hit for breakfast or just a snack. Sold in packs of approximately 300g.

$6.00 inc GST
Smoked Spanish Chorizo


Delicious smoked sausage made right here at Omak Meats. Approximately 150g each.

$8.40 inc GST
Pork Crackling

Grandmas Pork Crackling

Delicious pork crackling - a great keto-friendly snack!

$8.50 inc GST
Matador Salami

Matador Salami

Made on site. Tasty salami with a hit of chilli.

$3.00$15.00 inc GST
Champ Ham

Omak Ham – Champagne – Whole

We only use fresh, New Zealand pork for all our hams. These are cured and smoked on our premises. Whole leg ham - bone removed.

$230.00 inc GST
Sliced Supreme Ham

Sliced Supreme Ham

Sliced supreme ham, made using pure pork leg meat. Cured and smoked, then sliced and packaged, all on-site.

$4.40$17.50 inc GST

Pepperoni Salami

Cooked smoked pepperoni salami, sliced with medium spice.

$2.60$13.00 inc GST


Prime New Zealand grass-fed prime steer aged beef, corned then coated in our special blend of spices and smoked on-site. Great for sandwiches or platters.

$7.75 inc GST
Smoked Spanish Chorizo

Spanish Chorizo Smoked

90g sausage, cooked and smoked medium-hot.

$5.70$29.99 inc GST