Omak Meats has a great selection of free range products sourced from farms that raise their animals without cruelty, farm sustainably and provide top quality meat. We deliver throughout New Zealand to all mainland destinations — even those hard-to-reach rural addresses too!

Chicken Thighs

Chicken Thighs (Boneless and Skinless)

With its succulent taste, this fantastic chicken is the perfect meat to hit your favourite dish! These chicken thighs are versatile and great in stir-fry, curries, marinating for the barbecue or making chicken schnitzel. They're sure to satisfy the whole family at dinner time! Country of Origin,…

Whole Chicken

Free Range Chicken (Whole) No. 14

There is no more perfect meal than one that you enjoy at home in your own time. These whole free range chickens are a hearty dinner for any family looking to save some money and spend quality time together. Get enough of these beautiful birds for a gathering or just as the main course — just…

Split Chicken


Split Chicken (Lemon Oregano Marinade)

Fresh, juicy and flavoursome. This is a jackpot of flavour — lemon to start off with, then oregano for that earthy zing that wakes up your taste buds! The best way to cook this little hit of heaven? Throw it straight on the barbecue where the smoky flames are licking at it and turning its skin…

Chicken Breast

Free Range Chicken Breast

We've found the answer: a free range chicken breast is your new best friend. Fresh from the farm, this tender meat offers real texture and flavour with every bite, so it's juicy enough for salads and easy on dishes or sandwiches. Your nighttime snack will never be the same again when enjoying our…