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Whole Duck

Duck (Whole) Size 20

Approx 1.8kg each. Frozen product.

$27.90 inc GST
Pepperoni Salami

Pepperoni Salami

Cooked smoked pepperoni salami, sliced with medium spice.

$2.60$13.00 inc GST


Prime New Zealand grass-fed prime steer aged beef, corned then coated in our special blend of spices and smoked on-site. Great for sandwiches or platters.

$7.75 inc GST
Smoked Spanish Chorizo

Spanish Chorizo Smoked

90g sausage, cooked and smoked medium-hot.

$5.70$29.99 inc GST
Cheese Kransky

Cheese Kransky

Extra cheesy, awesome for breakfast or on the barbecue.

$4.20$19.99 inc GST
Pre-cooked Sausages

Pre-Cooked Sausages

Omak Pre-Cooked Sausages. Approximately 70 grams each.

$15.99 inc GST
Boerewors Sausage

Boerewors Sausage

Boerewors (pronounced BOO-ruh-VORS) is a traditional South African fresh sausage that is perfect for the grill. The name means "farmer's sausage" and comes from a combination of the Afrikaans words boer ('farmer') and wors ('sausage').

$11.50 inc GST
Beef Sausages (Gluten & Preservative Free)

Beef Sausages (Gluten & Preservative Free)

Gluten-free, preservative-free sausages, made on-site with no nasty additives. Frozen to retain freshness. Approximately 100g each.

$13.20 inc GST
Crumbed Beef Sausages

Crumbed Beef Sausages

Fresh beef sausage meat, rolled in golden breadcrumbs. Approx 100gm each. May be frozen.

$12.60 inc GST
Pork Sausages

Real Pork Sausages

Fresh New Zealand pork with cracked pepper. Approx 100g each.

$10.50$20.99 inc GST