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Sliced Supreme Ham

Sliced Supreme Ham

Sliced supreme ham, made using pure pork leg meat. Cured and smoked, then sliced and packaged, all on-site.

$4.40$17.50 inc GST
Topside Casserole

Beef Topside (Sliced)

Great in a casserole or diced for a hearty beef stew.

$12.00$23.99 inc GST
Beef Stew

Beef Blade Steak

Beef blade steak is great for a stew or casserole. Add onions, garlic, herbs, vegetables and seasonings of your choice to make a warming winter meal.

$12.00$23.99 inc GST
Chicken Breast

Free Range Chicken Breast

Free Range chicken breasts. Approx 200g each.

$24.99 inc GST
Whole Chicken

Free Range Chicken (Whole) No. 14

Whole Free Range Chickens Size 14 - Perfect to take home cook the way you like them!

$14.99 inc GST
Beef Oxtail

Beef Oxtail

Juicy oxtail for a hearty and nutritious beef stew.

$11.50$22.99 inc GST
Lamb Kidney

Lamb Kidney

Great for steak and kidney pie, or rolled in flour and cooked on the barbecue.

$3.80$18.99 inc GST
Lambs Fry

Lambs Fry

Slice, coat with seasoned flour and fast fry. Delicious served with Omak's middle bacon.

$3.00$11.99 inc GST

Beef Suet

Pack of beef suet.

$6.00 inc GST
Duck Legs

Duck Legs

Succulent New Zealand farmed duck. Pack of 2 legs. Frozen product.

$15.50 inc GST