Chicken Pet Mince

Chicken Pet Mince

Ground chicken frames frozen into approximately 800g packs. This can be fed to your animals raw or can be cooked and added to rice and vegetables. Frozen product.


$3.96 inc GST
Fresh Watercress

Fresh Watercress

Delicious hydroponically-grown watercress, ready to add to your salads, soups or casseroles or for your tasty boil-up. Supplied to us by local growers.

$6.99 inc GST
Pork Crackling

Grandmas Pork Crackling

Delicious pork crackling - a great keto-friendly snack!

$8.50 inc GST
Ikon Meat Thermometer

Meat Thermometer

Ikon brand stainless steel meat thermometer with an accurate, easy-read dial and waterproof. The simple way to ensure your meat is cooked just the way you like it! 2-year guarantee.

$12.99 inc GST
Omak Beef Wellington

Omak Beef Wellington

Beef Wellington is a quick & easy gourmet treat! Made on-site from slices of tender beef eye-fillet steak, marinated in Omak's famous marinade with a slice of tasty cheese and wrapped in delicious puff pastry. Bake until crisp and golden.

$9.99 inc GST