Low and Slow

At Omak Meats we stock a wide range of cuts suitable for slow cooking. Talk to our butchers for expert advice whether in the oven or over coals.

Beef Cheeks

Beef Cheeks

An amazing cut for slow-cooking. Cook these delicious beef cheeks whole or as any slow-cooked beef dish, such as curry, stroganoff, casseroles, soups and stews. Try them and you will be back for more!

$23.99$71.97 inc GST
Beef Brisket

Boneless Beef Brisket

Try a slow-cooked boneless beef brisket in the oven or over the coals, with your choice of rub. A pitmaster's delight!

$43.98$87.96 inc GST
Beef Stew

Beef Blade Steak

Beef blade steak is great for a stew or casserole. Add onions, garlic, herbs, vegetables and seasonings of your choice to make a warming winter meal.

$12.00$23.99 inc GST
Beef Ribs

Beef Spare Ribs

These beef spare ribs love long slow cooking and will reward you with delicious melt-in-the-mouth beef. Frozen product.

$55.98$111.97 inc GST
Gravy Beef

Gravy Beef

Gravy beef is great diced for pies, hot pots or curries  - and your cat would quite like a piece too!

$10.50$83.96 inc GST
Topside Roast

Beef Topside Roast

Topside is the perfect cut for a lean beef roast. The topside roast is the inner thigh muscle, taken from the hind leg by following the natural seam between the knuckle and the silverside. As a well-used muscle, it’s extremely lean with a lot of connective tissue. Topside roast also performs well diced and cooked low and slow in a casserole or braise.

$23.99 inc GST