Omak Meats

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Free Range Products

OMAK has a great selection of free range products sourced from farms who raise their animals without cruelty, farm sustainably and provide top quality meat.

Free Range Chicken Breast

Corn fed, Rangitikei chicken breasts. Approx 500g packets.


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Free Range Chickens No16

Corn fed, Rangitikei chicken. Great for roasting.


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Free Range Eggs (6 pack)

Compliment your breakfast perfectly with these!


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Free Range Pork Belly Whole or Sliced

Fresh freeĀ farmed pork belly – whole or sliced. Great on the barbecue, or cooked whole.


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Omak Free Range Streaky Bacon

We use fresh pork from Freedom Farms for processing this delicious bacon.


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Pork Loin Chops – Free Range

Finest free range pork loin chops, approx 250g each.


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